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Terroirs and Specialities

- City of Dambach-la-Ville :


  • RIESLING, GEWURZTRAMINER or PINOT GRIS of slopes of Dambach-la-Ville : A strict selection from our best granite slopes.

  • Grand Cru FRANKSTEIN : This vineyard is an arena of granite and twin micas soils, which allows water to filter out while retaining the heat. This unique terroir faces East/South-East.

- City of Blienschwiller :

  • Grand Cru WINZENBERG : The steep slope and its South/South-East facing guarantee exceptional exposure to sunlight. Both granite slopes are favourable for the production of RIESLING and GEWURZTRAMINER which develop a floral and mineral character.

30_min.jpg- City of Epfig :

  • The Fronholz slope, in the vineyards of Epfig : RIESLING or GEWURZTRAMINER The Fronholz produces extremely fine wines that age well.

- Our Exceptional Cuvées :

  • VENDANGES TARDIVES and SELECTIONS DE GRAINS NOBLES : Rare and prestigious, they are obtained in exceptional years from over-ripe grapes, picked according to very strict criteria of maturity. Such concentration renders the identity of each grape variety (RIESLING, PINOT GRIS and GEWURZTRAMINER) even more subtle, while endowing it with an incomparable degree of richness, complexity and length on the palate.

- Pinot Noir, barrel aged :29_min.jpg

  • Produced from old vines, the grapes are picked at perfect maturity which permits the optimum extraction of colour. After gentle pressing, the juice is aged in oak barriques. The wine is then aged for 12 months in our maturing cellar. This limited production of “Rouge d’Alsace” is sold in special “sommelière” bottles.

- Crémant d'Alsace :

  • Produced according to the traditional method, from PINOT BLANC and CHARDONNAY grapes, its fine bubbles will enchant you...